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Top World Artists Sex Scandal

Top World Artists Sex Scandal – I think the celebrity world is not far away from the scandal of their lives, not a few of the artists involved in the sex scandal of all. Call it, artists and actors such as the world. [Contemporary Artists]

1. Angelina Jolie
Sex scandals ever experienced by the artist and mother of 6 children of his relationship with the handsome actor, Brad Pitt did not lose it hebohnya. Because these artists dare to acknowledge a scandal about him before through life with Brad Pitt. He had been a bisexual aka Jolie have had a lesbian relationship with the opponent in Foxfire in 1996, Jenny Shimizu.

2. Britney Spears
Hemm…crazy, too, the sex scandal that had experienced as famous as the singer Britney Spears. Why??!! He has a lot involved with the bed. In fact he had sex with strange men while drunk. Well behaved even on record with the phone. But unfortunately, the record duration was 25 minutes can not unpublished. Wooo..if able, excited.

3. David Bekcham
This football player also had a sex scandal that did not lose incredible. Because according to a British tabloid News Of The World in 2004, claiming that Beckham’s personal assistant, Rebecca Loos had an affair with David. In addition, two weeks later an Australian model, Sarah Marbeck also admitted that a couple of times to sleep with this football player. Woow..


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